Let’s make like a banana and split!


Have you ever felt split – not like a banana split, because that’s just in two. Split and pulled in what feels like a million little pieces. I am a mum, and that keeps me busy.  Phone calls never involve just that. There is no perfect active listening where you get to focus on the person with whom you are speaking, and actually form a sincere and thoughtful response.  No no no. It’s more “Peach, you need to _____ or Little Pea DON’T”. (yeah that whole, do not say no, but “I would rather you yaddy yaddy ya” went straight out the window with this boy!) Then there is the part where I still consider myself a working Illustrator.  And the other part where I desire a much updated home.  And the other part where I tend to chickens and a garden.  And another part where I love to bake and cook.  And of course, my last but certainly not least, wife part.  It’s sadly the part that tends to come in a dead set last all the time.  We’re okay with this for now.  His schedule and mine rarely meet in the middle, and we work through that.  Sometimes it’s better when we don’t see each other for long stretches, as we’re both on the edge of exhaustion and tend to get snippy at one another in our tiredness.

I find I have  multi tasked to the point I cannot focus on just one thing anymore. I am beginning to feel as though I am giving myself an attention deficit.

The other day I sat down and actually focused and drew up some new art to sell at this little shoppe, The Ant & The Grasshopper.  I had a bunch of doodles floating in my head, and they had to get out and live in the real world.  Seconds later Little Pea had my pencil and was drawing all over the page.  I let him, as he rarely shows any interest in things without wheels. Of course then Peach wanted juice, or an apple or whatever suited her fancy at that moment.  Eight pages later I was given my now dull pencil and a little peace to draw, as both were satisfied with their snack.

New ideas continued to spill onto pages.  Some of them wonderful, and others just ideas to be perfected later.  I know now in my art to just let the ideas flow, and worry less about getting just so.  “Just so” takes time, tweaking and patience.

I feel as though my life is just one big lesson in being patient! Seriously. When I just let life take the course its meant to things tend to fall better into place. So I strive and struggle daily with this lesson.  Art happens to be yet another place to learn more patience.

So the sketch seeds are planted and now some will be brought to colourful life.

I mentioned I should update about our chickies.  We adopted five from a local farm.  The lady who runs this farm does not sex her chicks, so you get what you get.  We got three hens and two roosters! I happen to be rather infatuated with my one roo, Honey.  He’s funny, and will crow back when you cock-a-doodle doo to him.  The other rooster Kuri, albeit prettier, is much more aggressive and already trying to mount the hens. He will have to be re-homed to a new farm.  I am hoping for his sake he’ll get to live a pretty long long life with a new flock of hens to look after.  I am in chicken love though, and they’re are spoiled! Each night I move them back inside where it’s warm and cozy.  They get tons of yummy scraps, and lots of safe outdoor play time. Each one is snuggled goodnight.  I can see the cats are starting to get jealous.

Time to dash – so much to do, I should just put all the to-dos in a big hat and pull them at random, giving each one equal importance.  That may help with the split personality and ADD I have seemed to create within myself!



2 thoughts on “Let’s make like a banana and split!

  1. How awesome that you’ve added Chickens to you famliy!!
    I sure did enjoy mine, they were so much fun to watch… who knew they had personalities? and I learned from watching them where the expression “pecking order” came from. AND the fresh eggs….. there’s nothing like them.
    I never had roosters… you’re brave!
    My girls used to LOVE being patted on the bum just above the tail… kind of like a cat I guess. I think it simulated the rooster mounting them because he will literally stand on her back and dig his talons into her to hang on. On turkey farms they artificially inseminate the hens so they don’t hurt them. Birds have OCD and when they see a spot on another bird, like blood, they will peck at it incessantly and sometimes peck that bird to death… sorry to sound gruesome. Just keep an eye on them and I’m sure they will be fine. So, i guess since you plan on keeping one of the roosters you want to raise chicks as well? Your little farm will grow quickly! LOL
    Make sure when they do start to breed and lay that you gather the eggs right away otherwise the embryo will start to form… you can hold the egg to the end of a flashlight to check it before you eat it.
    So much info!! LOL
    I’m glad you’re doing well and having a good time.
    Thinking of you often

    • Hi Lise! It’s so good to hear from you! We miss you too. & that crazy Dr. Kauliflower too! Yes – Chickens!! I am chicken obsessed now. Each one is so different to the next. The roosters are super neat – although they keep you on your toes, as Honey crows whenever his flock needs more food, water, or just out in the grass for awhile! What amazing little creatures.

      Thank you for the tip on the OCD – I will for sure keep watch, as I noticed some of the hens (well, I hope they’re hens) are missing feathers due to the frisky boy trying to mount them. So thank you for that tip!

      As for keeping chicks, I may let a few batches hatch and give them away to the local farm, and keep one or two for ourselves. If the hen goes broody for me, it would be so much easier! We’ll see in time. As for now, we’re still waiting on those first eggs!

      All my best,

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