So long winter blues …

Winter JoyI told you I was quite distracted. Anyway, it’s now March and the sun is shinning making me think it may actually start to get warmer soon. Our daily high has been an average of a balmy -12 for the last seven weeks.  So we’re all going crazy from cabin fever! Having two children of rather different, yet similar ages has kept me at the Big M far too many days, and yet I am grateful, even thankful for their free coffee week and indoor play center.  It was a great chance to sit somewhere warm, drink surprisingly good coffee – for free! – and let the littles burn off some steam.  But now I am craving time outdoors to feel the fresh air on my face without risk of frostbite.  The weekly walks to our mailbox are not really cutting it.  You would figure that with all this time inside I would be the most productive person, wallpaper would be stripped, tape up, at lease the primer coat completed … but alas! No.  I have no energy to even contemplate moving away from the comforts of our sofa and king size fleece blanket of cozy doom.  Once you’re under its spell, it is difficult to break free! So I am about 87% through stripping the wallpaper.  Sadly it is not that easy-peasy dry stripping variety and the paper has left a lovely coat of paste over top of the vibrant purple paint.  Next step is to simply soak the walls with Fleecy and warm water.  That just seems like an incredible amount of work unfortunately. So I am wasting precious time, diddling on the computer dreaming of warmer days ahead when the sun’s energy will fill me with enough initiative to complete my ever-growing to-do list.

Not all my diddly computer time has been a complete waste though.  I have learned a lot about raising backyard hens, gathered some wonderful ideas for summer recipes and spent a lot of time collecting precious gardening tips for this new-to-gardening gal.

The best part about all this cozy time has been hanging out with my favourite littles though.  Yes, there are days when I would have preferred they scooted along and played alone, and there were days when they chose to do that.  But the days spent together, building blanket forts, jammin’ (if you can call it that) on the ukelele, colouring giant Minnie Mouse colouring books, pushing little cars down table tops, making up stories and just cuddling on the ever-so-dangerous sofa is where we are making our memories. I treasure these guilt free moments of joy with my littles.

I know the time is fleeting as Peach goes to school full time in September.  And although I do look forward to a little more freedom from her minutely requests, I know I will most certainly miss her company.  I am not going to focus on that though, as there is still at least half a year left to explore, create and just be together.  Then of course I will have to find a way to keep Little Pea busy.  I am hoping next winter is not as harsh, and we will actually get to see the great outdoors!
Oh – one other distraction – I have a blog-crush with A Wooden Nest. Just a lovely place to visit.  Lindsay’s photography and casual writing makes you feel as though you’re sitting across the table from her sipping tea and admiring her beautiful hens and kitties.  One lady I recommend following – especially if you’re feeling a little hurried in life.


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