Day 51: Too many good excuses …

I am shamed that I did not keep up with my once per week posting goal, but truthfully I have been delightedly distracted by two new hobbies.  I thought about breaking from them to write about how much joy they’re bringing, but that sort of defeated the purpose. 

One of my new joys – baking bread! I had pinned this over night bread recipe from The Baker Chick

This is how mine turned out ———-> No Knead Bread











Pretty awesome if I do say so myself! I am also perfecting “French Rolls to Die For”.  I have to say – those are turning out fantastic too!

My other new hobby was fully inspired by the ending to How I Met Your Mother latest season.  We finally get to meet mom, and she is wonderful! I can fully see why Ted fell for her, and of course married her.  In the final scene of a recent episode she longingly strums away her ukelele while singing La Vie en Rose.  I happen to be a rather devout fan of vocal jazz music, so this rendition hit my sweet spot.  Of course, I don’t know one chord on any instrument, but I can read music, play the flute, the recorder (as good as The Friendly Giant) and I can sing.  So I was up for the challenge.  Listen here for my inspiration.

We have also added five additions to our family.  No, no, no I did not have or adopt quints – we did, however, adopt five little chicks;


Please meet (in alphabetical order) Bleu (as in Chicken Corden), Chippy, Honey, Kuritsa (Kuri for short) & Nugget

Currently they live a secured bunny pen (to keep the kitties out) in our breakfast room.  Peach is quite infatuated with them, favouring Bleu and Nugget.  Eventually they will move to the gorgeous coop outside, where they will be kept to lay their eggs, and live a good free-range life.

I will be writing a lot about our chickies, as they bring me great joy. 

So, between baking bread, learning the ukelele, raising five new chickens among all the other busy things that keep me hopping I have slid a little on my blog.  But only with real, great joy.

Oh … there’s one more distraction.  Big confession … my mom got me hooked on that silly Candy Crush game! It’s a little sweet treat at the end of these full, joyous days. 



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