Day 30: Slow down you move too fast …

Slow DownThe other day I was running errands with Little Pea and Peach.  We only had a few stops, and two happened to be in the same plaza. Little Pea is starting to walk from place to place, and thankfully listening and holding my hand.  We were walking hand in hand, three abroad.  Little Pea has teeny legs, and although can move quickly when he wants to, holding hands slows him down.  He will doddle from place to place, taking in all the sites, sounds, and smells.  Sometimes distracted enough to come to a full stop.  When you’re running errands it can be easy to become impatient with this promenade.  A man noticed us walking and stopped to comment how I must be frustrated by the lack of speed in which we were moving.  I didn’t really have time to reply, as he whisked himself away faster than my mind had to to arrange a response.  But I soon realized that I didn’t care that we were walking a snail’s pace.  I wasn’t busy.  Yes, I had to pick up a few things, and still had to drive home, start dinner and continue on the usual rush of the day.  But this was more important.  Little Pea looked up with one of his usual grins and we continued to walk hand in hand.

When we arrived home Peach found another Lady Bug.  Frankly this makes me laugh, as our home is full of random lady bugs.  Some homes have spiders, we have lady bugs.  Peach wanted to give it a home, as all lost lady bugs are missing their mommy.  I haven’t taught her that little rhyme yet, so I find this rather amusing. By the time I found a better jar for the poor thing it had flown away.  Peach insisted it was just playing Hide & Seek, so we had to find him.  He might be scared after all.  I still had yet to the dishes, take out the recycling, bind all the cardboard, and of course do the whole bedtime routine to complete.  Instead we searched for a lady bug.  We found him, but we chose to tuck him into the basil plant for a good night’s sleep. 

It can be hard to give up our precious time.  It is easy to say and believe that we do not have the time to stop and smell the roses.  Frankly though, it only takes a few moments to refresh our perspective.  You don’t have to be hand in hand with a child to slow down your pace.  Taking a breather from our usual hurried speed could result in seeing something for the first time, experiencing something new or even meeting the love of your life.

My hubby and I have one of those fairy tale stories.  I was a single gal living downtown Toronto.  I was heading back home after visiting the Craft Fair.  I had been walking around the rather large International Centre all morning, so at Union Station I opted to grab a transfer, in case I was lucky enough to catch a streetcar home.  Fate decided to intervene that day. A rather dapper young man happened to be a little displaced in the station closest to my home.  I had a moment to decide if I should stop.  I chose to.  Tapping him on the shoulder I asked if he was lost.  He said yes, and we discussed possible methods for him to reach his destination.  I offered up my transfer, since he had not grabbed one, and told him I would show him the way to the streetcars at street level.  Once we reached the street he asked if I would like to get a coffee.  I agreed.  We shared a very long walk through my neighbourhood, and finished up our spontaneous date with an exchange of phone numbers.  One day shy of one year we married one another.  It’s a little crazy, and there have been a lot of growing pains from such a quick marriage, but I wouldn’t change one bit about any of it.  I think back now though.  He was on a mission, which he completely postponed to take a chance on me.  Had he not offered that opportunity we would certainly not be here together today. 

Slow down … you never know what you will find.


2 thoughts on “Day 30: Slow down you move too fast …

    • Thank you Teresa. That is a King Snail – and I believe he can grow up to five or six inches if I remember correctly. Pretty neat creatures, snails. Thank you for reading and supporting joy.

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