Day 22: Kindness in strangers …

Williams QuoteWhen I was little my mom and I would travel around our small city on the city bus.  I would watch her as she navigated our way chatting with one person about a good restaurant, another about a new Dentist in the area.  I was mesmerized by the way she knew who to talk to, and who not to talk to. Somehow, without her knowing, she taught me. 

Even as a young teen I knew how to say hello to the bus driver who picked me up after school.  I knew how to go to my Orthodontist appointments on my own, and make a new appointment for the next month for more mouth torture.  She taught me to get to know the tellers at the bank, the grocer who packed the groceries – bread on top please! It’s a skill I had started to wonder if was going to go by the wayside.

We fear strangers, and we all come by that fear honestly. We hear news that only strengthens those fears.  But there are strangers we can still trust.  I hope I can teach my own children this valuable skill.

Which brings me to my joy of the day.  We made an excursion all the way to Costco today.  With two children, still on the mend, and myself, also not one hundred percent, this could have been a challenging trip.  We found our way through the aisles, stopping by a little sample table for some Iogo yogurt.  Little Pea scarfed his down in milliseconds.  When it was finished he started to whimper.  The kind lady handing out the samples asked if he was getting tired.  I told her about our bought with this stomach bug, and that this was one of the first foods he’s managed to eat in a few days.  She handed over three more samples, which the two children devoured happily. 

On our checkout the gent helping the cashier asked if we had found everything.  I usually just say a quick yes, but today I was a little flustered as I really wanted to buy another large bag of Veggie Straws (another favourite food, that was staying down).  I had searched high and low, asked a few other associates all of whom had not seen them, didn’t work in that area, or thought the shipment was coming in at night.  This kindly gent insisted that he helped unpack them last night.  He then ran all the way to the back of the store to fetch one bag of our beloved straws.  If you have ever shopped in a Costco you would understand the generosity in this gesture.

Finally on the way out the cart caddy helped me load the giant pack of water in to the trunk, and then took back the buggy (cart) for me! I thought I was in some sort of alternative universe!

As I was backing out there were two couples, one was jumping the battery of the others’ car.  I am sure they did not know one another, but they were willing to help one another.  There was kindness everywhere.  It’s refreshing to see in today’s busy age. 




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