Day 21: Woah! A Tough One …

I caught the flu that’s been lingering in our home.  Little Pea and Peach have both had it over the last four days.  I have been diligent cleaning up everything, doing the laundry in prompt time and hand washing to the extreme that my chapped hands cannot handle more soap.  I was still caught by the awful thing.  It’s late to me, as I am exhausted.  Yet it’s only ten o’clock.

Where’s joy in having the flu you ask? Um … it’s a tough one.  I feel horrible.  My stomach is churning and tossing, and my head aches because I haven’t been able to keep anything down.  Mommy must prevail though.  Then the sweetest thing intervened.  Peach came over, tucked in her froggie and me under the fluffy blanket on the couch, and patted me on the head (the same way I do to her).  She then took Little Pea away for about thirty minutes, just enough time to reset.  I heard them both coming back downstairs, it was time for something to eat.  I made a very small mini-meal, and we all cuddled and watched Toopy & Binoo.  They both went to bed calmly, and willingly. Peach brushed her own teeth and dressed herself for bed – saving my much needed energy to get Little Pea to sleep.  Bless her little heart.  One day my little girl will be the most loving and amazing mommy.  She’s growing up fast, but for now I am cherishing the moments.

She really is Dr. Princess.

Yes – this was a short post, but for how I am feeling … I am shocked I even wrote this much!


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