Day 18: Following my own advice.

Sometimes to renew I find a slight change can make the biggest difference.  Yesterday I was talking about making a micro-movement.   So today I did.  Actually, I did two.

DSC_3448After a rather successful trip to the auto garage, we dodged in to Canadian Tire.  For my American, or other worldly pals, this place is the be-all-end-all of “MAN-STORE”.  They have everything for your car, tools, sporting goods, fishing, hunting .. and somewhere in the middle, I think to keep the significant other content they have paint, and some home decor items.  Well, we picked up the necessary item, and as I was perusing the aisles for the possibility to amend the problematic lack of tall shelves in our kitchen, Little Pea fell asleep in the car-cart. (one of those funny carts that has the car attached) He’s been feeling a little ill, so this impromptu nap didn’t really shock me.  Peach and I took advantage of this nap, and headed over to the paint department. Hundreds of paint chips awaited us.  We picked up about thirty or so.  One step down.  Okay, truthfully I picked thirty, she picked an atrocious collection of fuchsia, deep plum, chocolate, orange, and one white.  Peach loves paint chips as much as I do.  She’s a born decorator.

I am feeling a little less overwhelmed. More inspired to dig in and start stripping wallpaper than I was twenty-four hours ago.

Oh my other baby step … I finally moved the big chair to the corner beside the fireplace where it’s supposed to be.  It was moved because of the Christmas tree.  It helped that I found the perfect basket ottoman for half price.  So yes, I admit, I needed a little push – but the outcome was well worth it! Now only if little painting fairies would enter at night and paint the place.  Oh wouldn’t that be lovely.


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