Day 15: Let Her Sleep …

I have started writing this three times now.  I continue to be sidetracked by my whole body telling me to stop. Let her SleepPlease stop.  Please just stop.  Lay down, I am tired. I’ve been tired all day.  I was tired getting up.  Tired at the interview for a potential school for Peach.  Tired at Target.  Tired at home.  Tired at dinner.  Tired.  I don’t say this very often.  I usually put on a happy face and persevere … but this blog is my space to be real.  And today, I am tired.  I don’t have much to write about other than that.  It’s not a bad feeling.  It’s just a statement of truth.  I went to bed at a reasonable time, I awoke at an okay time, but somehow I am simply done.  I don’t want to talk or play on the internet.  I want tea, and English muffins with blackberry jam and I want the big fleecy blanket and a good documentary that will let my mind slow down enough to let my body rest.  I think it needs it.  I know it needs it.  Thirty-five minutes left of my day as a mommy, and then the night is mine.


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