Day 12: A soft place to lay my mind

My mind has been rather busy the last twenty-four hours.  I would love to blurt out the reasons, shouting from the hilltops, but it’s not quite time.  So instead, my mind whirrs and buzzes and keeps me from sleeping.  This is how days like today happen.  Just an average day filled to the brim with anxiety, fear, excitement and of course love.

The day started off typically – a wake up call from Little Pea eagerly waiting for his escape from the crib.  Then a wobbly Peach wandered in and of course requested breakfast.  So downstairs we descended to the warming kitchen.  Breakfast was made, dishes put away, and we sat happily in the softness of snowy grey light.  Sesame Street played in the background, and again I was put at ease.  I could sincerely do this forever.

I took a long look at the world passing by out the window.  People heading for work, their thoughts consumed with tardiness, projects due or busily trying to check their phones.  But here I sat, with the three people I love more than life itself.

I love the quiet moments.  They’re especially rare with two little ones around.  The day filled up quickly with activities in Peach’s Mickey Mouse book.  She is learning to take her time.  She is allowing herself to slow down and achieve better results.

popcornAfter lunch we cuddled up on the most comfy sofa ever and enjoyed cheesy popcorn and three back to back episodes of The Bubble Guppies.  I have a funny confession.  Most parents I know complain about their children’s choice of programming.  I happen to really enjoy them though.  Part of it is the glee on my little ones’ faces, but sincerely, I find the plot lines entertaining, and the songs fun to dance along to.   With my stirring mind, a day of simple fun was what I needed.

One hour later both children were feeling dozy, so I lay them down and they fell asleep in less than five minutes.  I didn’t move as I was acting as their pillow.  I carefully reached for my second best digital friend, KOBO, and finished up my book.  I was right to wait! What. An. Ending!?! The littles still fast asleep,  I decided let my eyes close too.  A dreamless slumber.  I needed the rest.  I awoke still on the edge of sleepy, but the cat nap refreshed me enough to make my handmade butternut squash and lobster ravioli.

Filled with love I can barely describe,  I am less anxious, and my mind is ready for more sleep.  Thankfully, small moments equal up to big joy, and this day turned out A-OK


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