Day 11: The Gift of Waiting.

I have a confession.  I am in the thick of a juicy, still ripening plot line of a great book: Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks.  Yeah, yeah, judge away, but I have a sort of love affair with his writing.  He has this way of pulling in his reader, and then throwing them into this intense car-chase like race to finish up the words on the page.  You know where you’re trying to read faster and faster because you simply cannot wait to find out what happens.  Safe Haven is full of these moments.  Your heart is racing, your hands trembling, and your brain just can’t keep up fast enough.  So last night I cheated.  I borrowed the movie.  I watched about three quarters of it and then turned it off abruptly, annoyed by the way it did not follow the actual plot.  There were so many changes, it felt alien from the actual book.  But this is not a review of the movie.  It was a lesson to myself, be patient! When you’re patient, the ending is just that much better.  Good things come to those who wait.  So I waited.  It was a gift that the movie didn’t squash that curiousity.  As a side note though, I did appreciate the intensity of the acting – Julianne Hough was a very believable Katie, and I liked her as much as I like the character in the book.  I also really liked her hair style.  Oops! I am off on a tangent.  Okay – yes, wait.

It’s difficult to wait though.  We feel this urge to make the conclusion happen right away.  You buy tickets to a play, concert, sports event … and you eagerly wait for that day to arrive.  You arrive at the Saturday before the big event, and you breeze through it, only focusing on the future.  But wait!, you forgot to live through that whole precious Saturday.  Your mind too focused on what was to be, rather than what is happening right now.  I do this all the time, and we also play this same tune to our children.  “Only three more sleeps ’til Disney World.” or “Nanny is coming in five more days!” So how can we improve this? Live in the here and now.  Of course there is nothing wrong with looking forward to fun events, but try not to forget the joy that is happening today too.  Maybe your dog finally learned to roll over.  “Nanny is coming in five more days, and we can tell her that Rover learned to roll over today!”

Quotations by Squeezing Joy

Each night before Peaches finally goes to sleep I ask her to recount our day and tell me what her favourite part of the day was.  I am usually thinking “Oh, she will say she loved the snowman cookie, or the trip to the park.” It never fails me though, as she will always come up with the smallest part of the day where she found the most joy.  Something like *Peach’s language here* “Paper for potty all done.  Get more paper for potty.  Funny, silly mommy.” Huh! But it refreshes my rush to the future.  It was in that small moment where she found her joy.  Had I just grabbed a new toilet paper roll, switched it out in a rush, and swooshed us out of the bathroom that moment would have been lost.  So stop.  The Future will still exist tomorrow, so don’t rush through today.

With that … I am getting back to my book! I am eager to know what happens, but I have enjoyed writing this tonight.


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