Day 10: Snuggles and songs …

“When all the world is a hopeless jumble, and the raindrops tumble all around … ” nap timeThat is the original opening line to Somewhere Over the Rainbow.  Each night after Peach’s teeth are brushed and she is all tucked in I head back in to Little Pea’s room.  He’s usually hanging at the edge of the crib waiting for me.  I then scoop him up in the ever-shedding wool blanket and we cuddle in the most uncomfortable chair in the house.  Then I sing.  Peach’s never cared for songs, so singing to Little Pea is very special.  I can hold a nice tune, and adore jazz, so the songs I choose are a soft, melodic jazzy collection. Usually, it just takes three songs to lull his busy body down to a perfect slumber.

Some may say I am spoiling him, and his future ability to fall asleep on his own, but I do not care.  I enjoy the moment just as much.  There’s a peace that switches my own mode.  I hurry throughout my day from task to task, and that energy carries in to the evenings. I find it extremely difficult to stop.  If I don’t stop early enough I will not be able to sleep, or at least by a decently sane time of night.  I suffer from a little insomnia, so winding down in the evening is very important.  I have struggled with this for many years now, and mamahood has seemed to only fuel the fire.

So we sing … and we both close our eyes.  And we breathe.  In. Out. In. Out. And calm sweeps over the room.  Ahhh … joy in peace and quiet.

Need a little lullaby? Click here.


One thought on “Day 10: Snuggles and songs …

  1. Every time I see my two angels that you two produced, it makes so proud to say “Those children are my grandchildren”. They always look so sweet & innocent when they are asleep, no matter what impish situation they have gotten themselves into through out the day. Peach & Little Pea, your Nanny & Papa miss you, and love you so much. Love & Hugs

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