Day 7: Owly Friend & Lazy Day Sundays

It is quarter to one, and technically this post is late … but I have a great excuse! I made Peaches’ Owly Friend tonight, and it went a little longer than I anticipated.

Sunday is usually my lazy day, aside tackling the laundry.  I remind myself frequently that laundry around these parts is not that bad.  I am not dragging loads of clothing to a river and beating them against a rock.  Believe it or not, some places in the world still need to do this.  I feel for those people. That is hard work, real work.  Work I am not accustomed to, and would most likely break under.  So, yes, Sunday is my ‘lazy day’ with a little help of two friendly LG machines scrubbing out ketchup, Nutella, and other random stains accumulated between the four of us.  The washer sings its little tune telling me all the work is done.  Then into the dryer to fluff and dry to that amazing warm fleecy goodness.  Plus, I love the smell of our Method Cedar & Vanilla Laundry Detergent.  It always makes me happy and smiley.
Sunday is also the day where I don’t make the beds, unless I really want to, and cook something slow and yummy.  I call it Slow-Down Sunday.  So after this lovely day of watching tidbits of movies on TV, munching on salty and delicious potato chips, savouring homemade minestrone soup, I had enough night-time energy to tackle this Owly Friend.

Now, I can sew a mean pillow.  It is four straight lines, with two seams.  Simple.  Making a new stuffed animal/pillow is a different.  I started by doodling up this little guy. Owly Friend Doodle
I then used newspaper to make the full sized pattern. This was inspired from the BBC show Call the Midwife.  I watched the ladies on the show do this, and figured this was the perfect sturdy, yet soft paper to make a sewing pattern out of.  It worked perfectly.   Then I cut out all the pieces, and put them aside until tonight.

Final step … sew it all together!
There is a reason I only sew after bedtime.  My inner seamstress must have worked on a ship in her previous life.  With the first error you may get a “Dangit!” and well, by the fifteenth error you are well on your way to a full-fledged sailor! Tonight though, there was only one real error, when I inverted the light green material accidentally.  I carefully ripped it apart with the seam ripper, just calmly pulling and undoing each stitch.  No words were shouted.

The last step was to stuff it.  This is where my frugal upbringing rears it’s rather funny shaped head.  Instead of buying expensive packaged feather-fill from the fabric store, $48, I cut a hole in a pre-made feather-filled pillow form from Ikea, $6.  I still have over half of the fill left for my next Birdy Friend project.  Now, this was a funny sight though.  I want to say ‘the old me’, but I don’t feel quite justified to say that quiet yet, so I will say, the newer me laughed at the plenitude of feathers floating around, covering the whole table, and most of the floor.  I didn’t really realize that when you open a pillow, the feathers have a way of expanding to about three-hundred and twelve times their ‘packed-in-a-pillow’ size.  Whooo! The cats were in heaven, up until the moment the vacuum was dragged out to assist in cleaning up downy covered breakfast room.  So here is the final product.  I think he’s pretty cute.  I just hope Peaches adopts him in the morning.  We’ll see.
Handmade Owly Friend Owly Friend looking oh so hopeful about his pending adoption.


Owly Friend sitting and waiting to be invited in to Peaches’ room


One of my paper templates (I couldn’t remember how the wings should be sewn on so I made a mini paper version to play around with)
Peaches coloured him all up – and even gave him two eyes, and a smile!


2 thoughts on “Day 7: Owly Friend & Lazy Day Sundays

    • Thank you so much Sarah! He was trickier than I anticipated. I would need to sew up about 55 more to really perfect him. Peaches adores him though, which was my hope. (poor thing is being carried around by the feet upside down)

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