Day 6: Oh Poop!

It amazes me how our moods swing from day to day.  Sometimes crummy days are caused from a poor night’s sleep.  Take last night for example.  Little Pea woke up three times between the hours of one o’clock and eight o’clock.  I do believe he’s cutting his second year molars, so I cut him some slack, but holy bananas!, I was exhausted this morning.  The final wake up call came at eight o’clock.  The room was dark, but I knew I was walking into a minefield by the scent alone.  Hold your breath … Little Pea discovered his extremely heavily soiled diaper.  He must have scratched down far enough to pull out poop, and then figured it was a fun idea to paint his face and hands and tummy with said poop.  I swallowed my raging emotions.   Picked him up out the crib and carried him to the bathroom.  Of course he thought this was the ideal time to wail.  Did I mention he’s at that great age where he hates baths? I stayed silent.  If I spoke all was going hit the fan.  He wailed louder.  More swallowing.  He was clean.  Diapered. Dressed.  I shut his bedroom door and walked silently downstairs to fetch a clean bottle of milk.  By then Peaches was awake and requesting breakfast.  Okay.  I tiptoed around my wavering emotions.  Breakfast for Peaches is easy-peasy.  Buttered toast with Nutella, and a glass of chocolate milk.  (Don’t share my secret with her, but I cut the chocolate milk with 2%) I savoured the idea of a hot creamy coffee.  Instead, I made eggs and toast for hubby, more toast for Peaches, toast for Little Pea, and finally an egg for myself.  The coffee was brewed, sweetened and stirred.  I sat silently.  I ignored the morning cartoons.  The peace was around me, as so long as I didn’t talk.  I was still exhausted.  I would have needed something much stronger than coffee to pull me out of this interrupted sleepy slump.

Then hubby made a mistake.  He started firing off questions about my organization of our paid bills.  I have a good method.  It works well.  He has another method.  It works well too.  Today was not the day to argue with me about it though.  Needless to say this just escalated to me breaking down in self pitying sobs.  I escaped to the refuge of the bedroom.  I decided then and there that today was going to a day to hide, and just quietly whittle away the projects on my to-do list.  Instead I was convinced by hubby that a drive and running a few errands would be better.

We headed for the car.  I insisted on a cup of Chai tea from the drive thru, which was provided willingly.  We drove around the city, taking advantage of Little Pea’s in-car nap time to check out the exteriors of the schools for Peaches to possibly attend in the fall.  Another wild emotion entered my mind, but I suppressed it quickly, without airing it.

Finally we arrived at the plaza to run our errands.  Hubby needed wine, since we were hosting his friend for dinner.  I needed new straight pins for my Owly and birdy friend projects, and Peaches was promised a sticker book to start collecting all the stickers she has been collecting from Speech Therapy sessions and other proud moments.  They went better than I anticipated.  We found what we needed.  Hooray! Let’s go home!

Hubby then requested a quick run into the grocery store for potato chips.  Fine. He was quick to choose his favourite flavour, but continued to gab on about the amazing pizza slices for sale at the entrance to the store.  Little Pea was on the same wavelength as me, ‘let’s just go home.’ But we ate anyway.  Well, hubby and Peaches ate.  Little Pea wailed, and I consumed something I was told was a delicious slice of pizza.  You know that feeling where your stomach remembers eating, but your mind doesn’t?

We went home.

I had a shower.

Hubby shoveled the drive and walk ways.

Peaches chose to have a four hour nap. Little Pea rolled his yellow truck with glee.

Hubby’s friend came over.  He brought fresh-from-the-bakery canolis.  I ❤ you P. Thank you!

Reset, I feel much better now.  So where do we squeeze joy in a day that was plagued by emotional turmoil? It was not truly found within the heart of the day but now …
Both children are fast asleep.  The dishes are done. I have a warm cat curled up next to me.  And tomorrow’s a new day.

Time for tea, and another canoli. Time for me to be still.


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