Day 5: Simple joys

Sometimes we find joy through others.  This morning started with a joyous hubby bursting through the front door exclaiming “I don’t work at all this weekend!” He usually works close to 76 hours per week.  If he’s not working, there’s an underlying sense of guilt that plagues his mood.  Overtime was cancelled this weekend, so there is no guilt, just time off.  Time with his family.  Time to simply enjoy sitting, watching documentaries on Italian gardens, and cat-napping on the sofa. 

This happy mood carried over to Little Pea.  While hubby ran into a store to peruse a few items, I switched on the DVD player while we waited in the car.  Little Pea was getting frustrated that he could hear The Bubble Guppies, but not see them.  Then and there I hastily chose to switch his car seat to forward facing.  He’s of age and weight, but he had not really complained until about a month ago, and the as authorities suggest you keep them rear facing as long as possible, I had not switched him around.  Well, Little Pea is starting to fuss each car ride, and is becoming more and more difficult to get in and out, so to me it was the right time. Plus it was a warmer winter day, and since I forgot to bring entertainment of my own, I figured, the parking lot of a store is the perfect place and time to make this switch. So I did it!  He beamed! Ear to ear grin and real giggles.  I smiled just as big in his delight.

Of course a happy day would to carry onto Peaches too.  Peaches had some one on one mommy time.  First, shopping in Fabricland for new pink and green fabric for the aforementioned bedroom. (Pink! We made a decision!) We will be, and by we, I mean I, will be making two stuffed Owly friends and two stuffed Birdy friends.  I will post about these on a later date.  After shopping we headed home and whipped up a batch of chocolate chip cookies together.  She’s growing up so fast, it is hard to believe how many things she can do.  She’s old enough now to actually help.  She cracked the egg, which is I believe her favourite part, stirred in the chips, and dropped the dough on to the cookie trays.  Of course the most joyous part, eating the cookies! Daddy and baby brother helped with this.

They are simple joys, and they have kindly spilled into my own mood, uplifting my day. 


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