Day 4: Inspiration

Just a little over a month ago our family moved from a very big city to the country, although I use that term loosely considering we’re only one hour to the capital still, and a fifteen minute drive to an Ikea. There were a few reasons for our move.  I hate to say space, but truthfully space was a very large part of the decision.  Our little beach cottage was a mere 649 square feet.  With two children the space was filling up quickly.  The other reason, which was a very big driving point for myself is, I have the odd need to make sure my children know where real food comes from.

While we were living in the city we adopted three laying hens.  Peaches and I adored them.  They were wonderful birds.  Unfortunately their time came to an abrupt end when a weasel, well, weaseled itself into the coop, taking out all three birds in one night.  This ultimately was caused by us, as we took care of all the mice and rats, leaving a very hungry weasel.  It’s nature.  I still have a very large detest of weasels mind you.  Living in the city with chickens appears to be a near impossibility, but in the country, where rats are more scarce, chicken raising seems as though it will be easier.  We will find out in the spring once my Imagesweets sets up the coop he kindly purchased for me for Christmas.  Yes, some gals ask for jewels, others request poultry hutches.   We also plan on setting up a decent vegetable garden here, and with this much land, goodness knows we’ll have a good garden.  We are on our way to being Locavoires, and truly showing Peaches and Little Pea how food is produced and grown.

The new home is currently in excellent shape.  There are no really true giant renovations to undertake, but the house needs a good facelift.  The previous owner was in her mid 80s, so much of the decor suits her generation.  The first room I am planning to re-do is Peaches’ bedroom.  The first step will be painstaking – stripping wallpaper.  Any tips?  From there will be a jumble of other small projects to follow, making the room a peaceful, yet fun space to grow into.  Peaches is three and a half, and my hope is that the room will serve her for at least another ten years.   Yes – wishful thinking.

A Little Birdy Told MeI have a few go-to places for inspiration in decor, especially children’s decor. One of my favourites is  You can find some of the most special, unique and interesting items there. I do find it is very challenging to shop with two young children, so online shopping has become my method for window shopping, and sometimes buying.  The nicest part of etsy is it has a sort of ‘local artist’ feeling to it.  Items are lovingly handmade by order.  When they arrive at your doorstep there are little notes, and extras tucked generously in by the Artisan or shoppe owner.  I like to support local artists, and artists, or quilters, or crocheters who are just trying to make the world a brighter place without a ‘roll back’ price tag. I am one of them, and I get a lot of joy creating that special little illustration or craft for my Friends of the Fox & Froggie.  I am ever so grateful to be able to be with my children full-time, squeeze in crafting time, and then earn a little extra pocket money doing something I love.


6 thoughts on “Day 4: Inspiration

  1. Hi Ella, looking forward to a visit soon! Check out my friend’s blog… she is very successful with raising chickens, quail, ducks, has a couple pet pigs, rabbits, three kids, a couple dogs and cats, does aquaponics in her basement… oh did I mention she lives in downtown TO? Her blog is a great resource for someone trying to get more in touch with food, growing, etc. I think it will be right up your alley!

    • Hi Paula – we really look forward to you visiting us too! Let’s plan a date soon.
      I remember you talking about your friend and her chickies. She was a great inspiration for me adopting our birds in 2012. Unfortunately, our neighbourhood was a host to many city animals. (as I am sure you remember too) The rats would enter the coop, steal the eggs and leave their disgusting droppings. Maybe it was because we were so close to the lake – but it was an epidemic that had to be cured. What we didn’t realize was that taking out the rats would bring other, larger predators, like the weasel. So, we will try once again, this time with a professional coop with proper wire to keep things out! 🙂 Thank you for the link to her site – I forgot what her site was called.

  2. Patience will be your best friend for the wall paper. I scored it , wiped it down with really hot water and let it soak. Then scrape it off. If still hard , more water. Go back and wipe the walls really good to make sure the glue is all off or your paint will end up cracking over time. Gl!

  3. Scoring, spraying with hot water, let it soak and patience..then scrape….keep repeating the process if necessary. TSP on the bare wall to make sure all the glue is off.

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