Day 3: Mundane joy

It’s only three o’clock and I am already writing my post for the day.  It has been one of those days where being a stay-at-home/work-at-home mom is a little on the blah side.  I made ‘snow play doh’ (smells like candy canes because of the peppermint oils) for Peaches, which bought us about forty minutes of bliss.  My hands have that indescribably awful feeling homemade play doh leaves, even after doing the dishes, and washing two sets of hands three times. I am thinking I need to invest in better hand cream, the excess coconut oil residue only goes so far.  So what joy can be found in a mundane, still inside, starting to get cabin fever type of day?

This morning I chose to open my macbook.  I try not to touch my computer unless it is extremely important.  I find it easy to be distracted by it’s shiny happy internet.  Pinterest is dangerous.  So many beautiful pins just waiting to be re-pinned.  It can absorb my attention for hours.  That, and flipping back and forth between facebook.  Now the social media sites are all great after dark when I am alone and can give them my full attention.  But today, I needed to see the outside world and going for a walk to the icy cold park was not going to cut it, so I opened my laptop.  I was greeted by all those red notifications anxiously awaiting the click of the mouse to open them.  I had four new messages.  Funny, they all had a similar feeling to them.  “Hey Ella, I read your blog.  Interesting.  I am here if you need to talk.” or “Hi Ella! Is there anything I can help you with?” and finally “A joy project! How is it that the most joyful person I know needs to add more joy? You okay?” I guess my project is throwing a few people off.  As I mentioned before – this is not a solution to deep depression.  I am not a therapist.  This is simply a method to keep me thinking ‘up’ and remembering the joys that I already have.  Helping myself to be content and pleased, and do less longing for things, especially material, and to focus of what I do have.  I do, however, find joy in these messages.  I have true friends.  I know they care about my well-being.  I am well loved from many directions.

Now facebook holds a secret for me too.  Four years ago I bonded with an amazing group of women on that big site for expectant moms (and dads) The  We all joined our birth month board.  It was easy to make ‘friends’ with one another.  We were all experiencing something similar.  Fear, joy, and all sorts of wild pregnancy hormone related emotions.  Fast forward four years, we were bumped, he he, off The Bump, and moved ourselves to a private little spot on facebook.  Here we share our secrets like … well if I told you they wouldn’t be secrets now would they? This is a safe place for us to speak our minds, our woes and worries and gab on and on about our children without judgement or eye-rolling.  It has been a pure joy to be a part of this little group.  So on days like today, where I am indulging in a little of internet time I find myself literally laughing out loud at some of the Toddler Tales, smiling at the photos of all the children the same age as Peaches, and supporting a friend in need via a virtual hug.  Of course, these women also inspire me to try new things.  Like today,  I read a funny post about a fellow mama playing with play doh for over one hour with her boys which inspired me to do the same with Little Pea and Peaches.  This was Little Pea’s first time with play doh, and his expressions as he squooshed his little fingers in to the doh were priceless.

Even in the most standard of days there are lots of joys to be had … and more joys to come!


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