Day 2: Homemade Pine Cone Bird Feeder

Pine Cone Bird FeederIt amazes me how a little leeway the night before sets a new, refreshed tone for the next day.  Peaches and Little Pea stayed up late last night watching their favourite cartoon and munching toast and butter.  They needed it.  I needed it.  There was this great relaxed feeling that only breaking routine seems to allow.  So this morning I awoke refreshed and ready to jump head first in to my joy project.

It was a rather chilly day, so hiding out indoors was the only way to continuing this happy mood.   Sorry winter lovers, but I find this season to be the most challenging to find happiness in.  Some may ask if I suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).  I have never been diagnosed with this, but I do wonder if the long, dark days tend to bring me down more.  My dad suggests that the best way to survive any season you are not so fond of is to embrace it one hundred percent.  Find the fun in winter, and it will not be as difficult to endure.  I tend to agree, but seeing as my snowy play day yesterday was abruptly cancelled by tears, and wind chills, I am going to embrace the chance to play indoors – guilt-free!  So, while Little Pea rolled his yellow truck, Peaches and I set out to help our feathered friends survive this ultimately cold winter.  Below I have included the steps to make your own Pine Cone Bird Feeder to invite a few winter birds to brighten your days .

Pine Cone Bird Feeder Supplies<————  Supplies you will need.

* Not shown, but helpful; 

  • Medium sized bowl
    • Pair of good scissors

How to make your Pine Cone Bird Feeder ————————————————————————————————–>



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