Joy 1: Baby, it’s cold outside

This morning the sun poured in my bedroom window, almost making me believe it was summer.  A giant tease this sunshine! I awoke to nearly 20 cm (that’s 7.87 inches for the imperial followers) of snow.  Now, my little girl has been talking about building a snowman since October, so I thought this may just be the right day.  It was not too cold and goodness knows, we had lots of snow.  Seemed like the perfect recipe for fun. It took 23 minutes to dress two children and myself for the season only to find out I was wrong! wrong! wrong! The snow was frozen, icy and it was still a little windy (read too cold for a 20 month old to have fun in the snow).  So I grab the old toboggan instead, ready to tug them both along the lane way.  Peaches started wailing due to a snow plow miles away, which in turn made little Pea wail.  Feeling my blood start to boil, I am thinking “yeah, Ella find the joy in this!” I gave in.  Not even five minutes outside we were back inside.  More tears followed.  What a morning!!


The clouds rolled in, covering the sneaky sun.  I sat.  Still.  Taking in the sounds of my little girl tinkering away in her little nook while I stroked my little boy’s blonde hair as he snuggled up drinking his milk.  There was peace.  I was still not smiling, but there was a rush of pleasure that flowed over me enabling me to let go of my once hopeful plans.
Little Pea finished up his milk, and sped over to his beloved yellow truck. Peaches came skipping out of her room with a big “I you” (her version of I love you”).  I took a deep breath, and hugged her back.  Smiling, I headed down stairs and started to dismantle our Christmas tree.  After all it is the 6th, and I was informed by my dear mother-in-law that you should only take down your tree on Epiphany (January 6th).

I had an epiphany on this Epiphany – never wait to January 6th to take down your tree if it is a real tree! There were so many dry prickly needles just dropping off, leaving basically bare twigs.  I am sure even after summer I will still be finding little green prickles around the fireplace.  So, for future reference, although this is the rather superstitious “12th day of Christmas” in Italy, it is not in Canada.  The first of the month would have been a better choice.  Curious about Epiphany? Read here.

I am happy the tree is gone, shiny ornaments carefully packed away until next year.  I was able to take it out in the daylight, rather than waiting until after dinner.  Not quite the day I planned.  I am sure I’ll get a re-do though – 20cm of snow looks like it’s pretty content being here for now.


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